Deep Ones – CGworkshops with Bryan Wynia


2 thoughts on “Deep Ones – CGworkshops with Bryan Wynia

  1. The texturing is superb, I literally get a sense of mucus and slime from this. Just overall great work Syd, my hats off to all your constant improvements. My only gripe may be the bg it somehow cheapens the quality of the overall model. With such a detail rendering maybe it would be best to keep the bg simple.

    • Thnx much. Yea. I agree bout the bg. Was trying to keep it simple but still put it in some sort of enviroment. Came out looking kinda foresty to me. Which doesnt quite fit with the character. For the sake of time and other projects tho, im gonna call this done and move on taking what i’ve learned in order to apply it to future pieces. 🙂 thx again tia.

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