CGMA Anatomy for Production – Week 1

First week was of course a review of what we’ll be talking about over the course of the class.

The home work for this week was to sculpt some musculature onto a skeleton of our choosing out of a set that we were given. We were only required to do one.

The skeletons were strange. Definitely alien, although slightly humanoid. We were given 5 different skeleton pieces. I chose to focus on a pelvis with four femurs and a torso with no limbs. I also threw together a hand really quick last minute. Below the image, I’ve included the sculpting videos.




Thanks for watching. 2nd weeks homework is building a skeleton. Not an anatomically accurate one in terms of bumps and landmarks. Just more of a practice in proportions and general shapes and relationships of the bones and how they measure up to each other on an average person.