CGMA Anatomy for Production – Week 3 – NSFW

Happy memorial day!

First off, Want to say that from here on its safe to assume that these entries will always be NSFW. We are sculpting naked people after all.

Took a bit of a much needed break this weekend. Went out with my girlfriend. Had fun. Lazed about. Then handled some way past due chores.

Anyway, late post. But here it goes.

Received a ton of feedback last week from the teacher, Christian Bull. I decided the best way to go about responding to the feedback would be to start a new sculpt. So I did so for both the male and female sculpts after having adjusted the skeletons of both. I also sculpted the scapula and humerus a bit more. This weeks homework will be to sculpt the arms.

So I detailed out the scapula and humerus. Redid both my sculpts. We were encouraged also to do at least one pose. Which I did. Thanks for taking a look. And if you’ve been following along, double thanks.

Homework1 Homework2