CGMA Anatomy for Production – Week 3

Hello again,

Starting to get into it now. Really enjoying being in a class with others again. Except this time its taught by someone with actual credibility, and the students are eager to learn, and most of all, it didn’t cost even a fraction of the 90,000 dollar tuition of the Art Institutes.

Anyway,this weeks homework and lecture was on the torso. Things to be considered:






-lumbar muscles

-lattisimus dorsi


-refining the skeleton

Here are the results of my efforts this week. And under the pictures are the videos of me working. Thank you for stopping by. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Final_FemaleBelow: The left skeleton is female. The right is male. The main differences are in how wide the ribcage and pelvis are, as well as the angle of the sternum. On a male its roughly 90 degrees. On a female its closer to 60.Final_Skeletons