CGMA Anatomy for Production – Week 2

So far so good.

This weeks homework assignment was to build a male skeleton using the head as a tool for measuring proportions. Things to keep in mind:

-Rib cage is roughly 1 1/2 heads tall.

-Pelvis is roughly one head tall

-Femur Is about 2 heads long

-spine is about 3 heads long.

-hands are roughly 3/4 heads long

-tibia and fibula are roughly 1 1/2 heads long

-Humerus is roughly 1 1/2 heads long

-ulna and radius are roughly 1 head long

-clavicle is a about 3/4 of a head long


These are rough estimates. Also bone groups like the ulna and radius aren’t the exact same in length. The ulna is slightly longer than the radius. This weeks exercise was to understand the basic proportions of the body in relation to the head. That way, so long as your head is good, you have a point of reference.

Bonus: Do a female skeleton. And do some poses of the male skeleton, or both if you so choose.

I ended up doing both skeletons and 3 poses for each. Here is my final image I’m turning in. I think I made the pelvis on both skeletons too big. But I was using the measurements so, I’m not sure. Perhaps because I measured the pelvis straight on. When in fact its a head high from its highest point to lowest, and it doesn’t sit straight on in the body.